Tangled Garden Whimsies - ePub

Tangled Garden Whimsies
Introduce colour and whimsy to your tangled artwork using hand-carved rubber stamps as a springboard for floral design and pattern. Tangled Garden Whimsies is the second eBooklet in a five-part series on garden inspired ZIAs (Zentangle® Inspired Artwork). Using simplified floral elements as colourful stamped motifs gives tanglers the tools to create an enticing backdrop for their tangled work that enhances the textural and pattern-rich practice of tangling. With instruction on how to carve rubber stamps from erasers, plus a set of basic shapes to get you started, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can create your own collection of unique stamps that reflect your design sensibility. From flowers and leaves to critters and birds, Tangled Garden Whimsies will have your artwork blooming whimsical.
ISBN 978-0-9919227-0-3

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